2022 Festival Writers

We are pleased to announce the writers/artists who will join us at the 40th Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts. Bios, schedule of events, and ticket information to come!

Kamal Al-Solaylee
S. Bear Bergman
Columpa Bobb
Cedar Bowers
Tania Carter
Ivan Coyote
Farzana Doctor
Norma Dunning
Frances Ekwuyasi
Shaena Lambert
Marsha Lederman
Jen Sookfong Lee
Andre Picard
Jael Richardson
Shelagh Rogers
Harley Rustad
Russell Wallace
Isabella Wang
Betsy Warland
Jesse Wente
Joshua Whitehead
Sam Wiebe


Megan Cole
Charmaine de Silva
Kathryn Gretsinger


The Fugitives