The Venue: Rockwood Centre

Rockwood Centre sits in a magnificent garden on a hillside overlooking downtown Sechelt. Built in 1935 to serve tourists brought by steamer for summer excursions, the Lodge is now a heritage building, the gardens a public park.

For further information about Rockwood Centre, please call 604-885-4778.

View maps of the Sunshine Coast and Sechelt, showing the location of Rockwood Centre.

Map of Rockwood Centre
1 Rockwood Lodge

Washrooms: all washrooms onsite are gender neutral. One washroom in the Rockwood Lodge will accommodate wheelchairs with a wheel base measurement of up to 30″.

2 & 10 Portable Toilets

One of three units (10) is wheelchair accessible. The unit is located adjacent to the paved level pathway leading to the Festival Pavilion.

3 The Big Tent

Festival bookstore (operated by Talewind Books); Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts information table.

4 Festival Pavilion

The Festival Pavilion, the venue for all numbered events, is fully accessible. Patrons with seating needs/requests are asked to call the office at 604-885-9631 to ensure that appropriate space/seating is reserved.

5 Festival Cafe

In the past, we’ve had a variety of snacks, lunch items and beverages available at the Festival Cafe.

6 Strait Coffee

Organic fair trade coffee and tea

7 Beverage Booth

Wine, beer, cider, soft drinks, juice

8 Festival Office

Ticket sales, washrooms, lost and found. The washrooms at the rear of this building are not accessible by wheelchair.

9 Information Booth

Festival and tourist information