Homegrown and Handstitched

Today we are thinking about our Festival community – authors, audience, our volunteers and production team, and the funders, donors and supporters who have kept us going through these challenging times. We put together a little slideshow of photos from recent festivals. These images speak to the community we’ve built together and the community we will continue to build when we can gather together again to celebrate diverse Canadian books and writers. It’s short and sweet. Homegrown and handstitched, just like our Festival.

If you were in the Pavilion on the closing night of the 2014 Festival you will remember the song that serves as the soundtrack (make sure your speaker is on). All This Trouble was written and performed by Brendan McLeod with spoken word verses by Jillian Christmas and Zaccheus Jackson. The song speaks to how we can sometimes get hung up on the little troubles, and lose sight of the bigger picture and the problems people are facing in our communities and around the world. It reminds us how lucky we are, despite having to cancel our annual festival, and it sustains our hope for the future.