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About the Legacy of Literacy

We launched the Legacy of Literacy Endowment Campaign in 2017  to increase our endowment funds to $1,000,000 by our 40th Anniversary in 2022. We reached our goal almost two years ahead of time, thanks to the 180 donors who believe in the Festival, in the work it does, and want to see it continue to thrive and evolve.

This success is due to the commitment of the Fund Development Committee who planned and carried out the endowment campaign, supported it with donations of time and funds, and cheered each other on when the goal felt daunting. Thank you, Jean Bennett (Chair), Marisa Alps, Bev Craig, Jane Darling, Wendy Hunt, Janice Iverson, Debbie Mealia, Len Pakulak, Maggie Schell and Janice Webb for your vision and perseverance.

The Festival is now supported by the annual earnings from five endowment funds: Legacy of Literacy Endowment Fund, Marie Steel Memorial Endowment Fund, Lynn Pakulak Endowment Fund, Gwen Bennett Endowment Fund, and the Schell Family Endowment Fund.

Meet the Legacy of Literacy donors here.

The Government of Canada, through the Department of Canadian Heritage, has supported the Legacy of Literacy Endowment Campaign with matching funds that total $321,000. The Province of British Columbia contributed $25,000 to the Marie Steel Memorial Endowment in 2009 through the Renaissance Fund.

How the endowment earnings are spent:

  • Ongoing support for Celebration of Authors, Books and Community (CABC) and the publication of the Coastal Voices anthology
  • Distribution of complimentary tickets through public libraries and social service agencies to ensure that finances are not a barrier to attending the Festival
  • Accessibility: Installation of a ramp to the stage in the Festival Pavilion in 2018 and, for the first time in 2019, provision of real-time captioning for all Festival events. This improves the Festival experience for patrons who are hard of hearing and makes possible the inclusion of people who are deaf.
  • Special community outreach programming throughout the year
  • Management of revenue shortfalls and unanticipated expenses
  • Ongoing maintenance of our beloved (but aging) Festival Pavilion

The endowment funds are held and invested by the Sunshine Coast Foundation which has a strong record in achieving a positive return on the funds it manages on our behalf

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