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Carol Off

Carol Off

As It Happens co-host Carol Off is one of the most recognizable voices on Canadian radio. With her latest book, All We Leave Behind: A Reporter’s Journey Into The Lives of Others, she uses that voice to bring attention to the disrupting role journalists can play in the lives of the people they interview.

In Afghanistan in 2002, Off interviewed Asad Aryubal, whose willingness to speak to Off helped expose the appalling actions of General Abdul Rashid Doston, a local warlord working with American and NATO troops. Off got the story, but it exposed Aryubal and his family to great danger, forcing them to flee to squalid conditions in Pakistan.

Despite the journalist’s code to remain dispassionate, Off recounts how, over a decade, she helped the family emigrate to Canada. A compelling read, honest and insightful, All We Leave Behind was a finalist for both the Governor General’s Award and the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize, and winner of the BC National Award for Canadian Nonfiction.

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