Meet the Writers


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10:30 am ~ Friday ~ August 17

Sheena Kamal

in conversation with Kathryn Gretsinger

Sheena Kamal

Sheena Kamal loves adventures. Good thing, as she’s been on a whirlwind ever since she got the idea for her debut novel, The Lost Ones. Two years after she upended her life to move to Vancouver to write a book no one had commissioned, she had a book deal with Harper Collins. A psychological suspense thriller, The Lost Ones has been published in 15 countries, receiving rave reviews.

Published under the title Eyes Like Mine in the U.K., Kamal’s novel is often heralded as the successor to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Flawed protagonist Nora Watts unravels a strange conspiracy as she tries to find the child she gave up for adoption 15 years ago.

With thrilling pacing and an unflinching look at the darker side of human interactions, The Lost Ones was one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 Thrillers of the Summer for 2017. Now, for summer 2018, we have the sequel, It All Falls Down.

Kathryn Gretsinger is an Adjunct Professor at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism.

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