Meet the 2019 Writers


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10:30 am ~ Friday ~ August 16

Rhea Tregebov

Rhea Tregebov

In addition to being the editor of numerous anthologies of essays, poetry and fiction, Rhea Tregebov is the author of seven volumes of poetry, including Remembering History, which won the Pat Lowther Memorial Award. Her debut novel, The Knife-Sharpener’s Bell, earned the J.I. Segal Award for Fiction and was listed as a Top 100 Book by The Globe and Mail. Tregebov’s newest novel, Rue de Rosiers, follows the floundering Sarah, the youngest of the three Levine sisters, as she moves to Paris in search of an identity. Prone to making decisions by tossing a lucky penny, a random act of terrorism changes Sarah’s life, giving her some direction. But what of the consequences? Tregebov uses her considerable skills for imagery and storytelling to bring us a powerful story and a compelling read.

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