Meet the 2019 Writers


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4:00 pm ~ Friday ~ August 16

Rachel Giese

Rachel Giese
Photo by Angela Lewis

In an ever-changing world where gender has become fluid, are gender stereotypes at all useful? Are young people still straining against tightly defined gender roles? Rachel Giese, an award-winning journalist and author of the critically acclaimed book, Boys: What It Means to Become a Man, certainly thinks so. While things have been slowly changing for girls, Giese, herself the mother of a boy, spent three years researching and writing her book, talking to sports organizations, the Boy Scouts, parents, teachers, psychologists, and young men and boys. She discovers that boys are still expected to “man up” and suppress all emotions other than anger and happiness, taking a toll on the social and emotional development of boys and teens. What do these stifling expectations of masculinity mean for them as they grow into men? Blending personal narrative with extensive research and reportage, Giese extends the conversation of gender identity, presenting a powerful argument for true gender equality.

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