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9:00 am ~ Friday ~ August 17

Jennifer Robson

Jennifer Robson

The Globe and Mail has trumpeted Jennifer Robson as “The most successful Canadian author you’ve never heard of.” As an unknown writer, Somewhere in France, her 2013 debut novel, went on to sell over 100,000 copies. Ever since then, the historical fiction author has been earning more and more fans with each novel she writes.

Robson has put her doctorate in British economic and social history from Oxford University to good use. Meticulously researched, her writing is infused with rich and accurate period details and spunky female leads not afraid to buck trends or go into the danger zones.

Her latest novel, Goodnight From London, follows ambitious American journalist Ruby Sutton, who arrives in London to report on the Second World War just before the Blitz begins. What follows is an intriguing adventure of love in war told in sharp, well-paced prose.

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