Meet the Writers


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9:00 am ~ Sunday ~ August 19

Clem Martini and Olivier Martini

Clem Martini
Clem Martini
Olivier Martini

As a ferry-dependent community and with an aging population, Sunshine Coast residents are all too familiar with the inadequacies of the medical health system: limited availability of services; a shortage of beds and long wait lists; staff, who when they aren’t in short supply, are overworked; and a system that doesn’t seem to care. Brothers Clem and Olivier Martini know this story intimately, having lived it and collaborated on two books.

Bitter Medicine chronicles Olivier’s struggle to cope with schizophrenia and the “in-house” solutions the Martinis crafted to support him. But the family’s carefully woven web of family caregiving begins to unravel when their mother, Catherine, is diagnosed with dementia. That story is poignantly written and touchingly illustrated in the brothers’ latest book, The Unravelling.

Clem Martini is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, author and a professor in the Department of Drama at the University of Calgary. Olivier Martini attended the Alberta College of Art and generates visual artwork in a variety of forms.

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