Legacy of Literacy Donor Wall

Jane Darling

Jane Darling with 2019 author Yasuko Thanh

Jane Darling is a long-time supporter of the Festival, sponsoring different events every year. “Reading is very important,” says Jane. “I wanted to support something to do with education and the magic of books and support authors.” She became a member of the Fund Development Committee to help raise $1 million for the Legacy of Literacy campaign, never doubting that the goal would be reached. “There are so many people that are passionate about the Festival,” she says. “The Festival struck my heart and soul,” she continues, explaining why she donated her time as well as making a financial contribution. “I want the legacy to continue. It’s a very unique and special thing for the Sunshine Coast and Canadian authors.” Jane enjoyed working with the dedicated team on the Committee and doing her part for a Festival that “makes me happy,” while also recognizing that the Festival has a big impact on the broader community, including local businesses. “It brings culture to the Coast, but it also brings a lot into the community,” she says. “It’s tourism, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, shopping. It’s seeing what a wonderful community we live in. It’s magical.”

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