Chieri Uegaki

Local author Chieri Uegaki has participated in the much-loved Celebration of Authors, Books and Community, a program that brings authors into Coast classrooms, on three different occasions. Chieri’s children’s books are populated with Japanese-Canadian characters, and during her time in classrooms, she also speaks to students about her culture and her experiences as an ESL … Continue reading “Chieri Uegaki”

Don and Patti Gunning

Don and Patti Gunning have been regular attendees at the Festival since 1998, returning annually even after moving off Coast. “It’s a really unique opportunity to mingle with the rich and famous,” says Don laughing. But the Gunnings are not kidding about the many writers they’ve met at the festival. Patti chatted with Peter Gzowski … Continue reading “Don and Patti Gunning”

Doug & Franca Bebb

Doug Bebb has fond memories of spending childhood summers at his aunt Marie’s house in Selma Park, so when she passed away, Doug and his brothers, David and Richard, sought a way to honour her memory. Using the inheritance she bequeathed them, they established the Marie Steel Memorial Endowment with a donation intended to provide … Continue reading “Doug & Franca Bebb”

Jane Darling

Jane Darling is a long-time supporter of the Festival, sponsoring different events every year. “Reading is very important,” says Jane. “I wanted to support something to do with education and the magic of books and support authors.” She became a member of the Fund Development Committee to help raise $1 million for the Legacy of … Continue reading “Jane Darling”

Jean Bennett

Jean Bennett has been instrumental to the success of the Legacy of Literacy campaign. “Establishing the endowment was based on the idea that we couldn’t count on government to continue their support for the arts,” she says, noting that the festival now has a stable source of funding to support its programming and initiatives. She … Continue reading “Jean Bennett”

Kathy Mulder

Kathy Mulder has only missed three festivals, one because she was getting married. “I kinda thought I should show up for that,” she jokes. “Now I have a very understanding husband who puts up with the fact that we are often apart on our anniversary.” Kathy’s mom, Lynn Pakulak, was a patron and volunteer, and … Continue reading “Kathy Mulder”

Len Pakulak

Len Pakulak has been an ardent Festival supporter for almost 30 years. He’s done it all, from swinging hammers while building the Festival Pavilion to slinging drinks at the Festival bar; from serving on the Fund Development Committee and to establishing the Lynn Pakulak Endowment Fund in memory of his wife, a former Board member. … Continue reading “Len Pakulak”

Maggie Schell

From regular attendee, to volunteer, to Board member, Maggie Schell’s history with the Festival is a testament to her passion and dedication. “It seemed magical to me,” says Maggie, recalling her first Festival in 1997. “It’s a transformational experience. Every time I went to the Festival, I felt that my mind was opened in a … Continue reading “Maggie Schell”

Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn has been attending the Festival since 1993. “I think I’ve only missed one since then,” she says. “It’s one of the events that brings me the greatest joy. I plan my year around that.” Sally’s mother read to her as child and she in turn read to her children, and even though they’ve … Continue reading “Sally Quinn”