Legacy of Literacy Donor Profile: Debbie Mealia and Jim Budd

IG Private Wealth Management financial consultants Debbie Mealia and Jim Budd of Mealia Budd & Associates have been the Festival’s Opening Night sponsors for 15 years. “We felt it was a wonderful opportunity to support our community,” says Debbie. “I have a lot of respect for the organization and how it’s run.” She has a long history of donating time and money to organizations she deems worthy, and as an avid reader and book club member, she looks forward to the Festival every year. “There’s nothing like it,” she says. “It’s a great vibe.” Debbie joined the Festival’s Fundraising Committee to work on the Legacy of Literacy Endowment, a campaign to raise $1 million to provide the Festival with long term financial stability. “I wanted to be part of creating alternative streams of income for organizations like the Festival because I feel it’s more hopeful and sustainable, and it’s going to be more successful. I’d love to see us reach the million dollar mark. That would be the icing on the cake for 2019.”