Call for Submissions

Sunshine Coast students in grades K to 12 are invited to submit their work for the 9th edition of the Coastal Voices anthology of student writing that will be published in June 2019. Work can be submitted via classroom teachers or directly to John Lussier at Roberts Creek Elementary School.

• Submission deadline is March 15, 2018
• Submissions of poetry, prose and personal narrative are welcome
• Submissions from K-3 students may be in the form of dictated work
Maximum word count: 500
• Submissions must be typed, or written/printed in black ink or dark pencil
• Identifying information will be hidden from the adjudicators to ensure the writer’s anonymity
• The following information must be included with each submission: title of piece, name, grade, school, teacher’s name
• Submissions should be clear and legible photocopies. Submissions will not be returned.
• Questions? Please contact John Lussier at jl******@sd**.ca or 604-885-9229.