Meet the Writers


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9:00 am ~ Sunday ~ August 20

Robert Moor

Robert Moor

Walking is the most fundamental and pleasant method of attaining a destination. There are many classic books written by ambulatory authors. Eric Newby, Paul Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, John Muir, Bill Bryson and many others have walked and subsequently written about what they observed and what they discovered about the natural world, its inhabitants and themselves.

There are hikers who write and writers who hike. Robert Moor fits both categories in that he is a hard-core hiker and an excellent writer. His first book, On Trails, is the result of his seven-year odyssey to explore trails of all types and sizes and to ponder age-old questions both philosophical and scientific. This is not a guide to hiking trails, their lengths and degrees of difficulty; rather it is a fascinating look at the significance and meaning of trails in both a real and metaphorical sense.

Robert Moor lives in Halfmoon Bay: he could easily walk to the Festival.

An interview with Robert Moor