Meet the Writers


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9:00 am ~ Saturday ~ August 19

Janie Chang

Janie Chang

The best historical fiction, more than any other fictional form, demands of its writers the most meticulous attention to period detail. Janie Chang concerns herself not only with absolute historical accuracy; she makes sure her characters conform in every way, including their speech patterns and vocabulary, to the zeitgeist of the period and place in which each of her books is set. Her first novel, Three Souls, is a highly original tale of betrayal, revenge and forbidden love set in pre-Communist China. It was a finalist for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize and a nominee for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Her latest novel, Dragon Springs Road, is a Globe and Mail bestseller. Set in early 20th century China, this book again showcases her ability to place totally believable fictional characters in a wholly authentic historical context.

Janie Chang’s books are a clinic for anyone aspiring to write historical fiction. The Taiwan-born author now lives in Vancouver.

“Featuring an insightful historical background and the poetry of magic, Dragon Springs Road is an incredible novel.”