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9:00 am ~ Friday ~ August 18

Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton

Let’s say you have retired from your life of journalism, left behind your high level civil service and private sector business triumphs, and you’ve dodged a life-threatening health scare: now what? If you are Ian Hamilton you immediately start writing The Water Rat of Wanchai, the first book in what will become a bestselling, award-winning series of detective novels about a highly intelligent, Chinese Canadian forensic accountant named Ava Lee who races around the world chasing down nasty people with large unpaid debts. There are nine books in the series which has a huge and devoted fan base. The glamourous and fearless Ava, who also happens to be a lesbian, tackles everything from art fraud to illegal gambling, drug gangs to triads, and Ponzi schemes to money laundering. Who said accountants are boring?

The most recent installments are The Princeling of Nanjing and the very latest, The Couturier of Milan.

Catching up with Ian Hamilton