Meet the Writers


This event sponsored by: Sunshine Coast Arts Council


10:30 am ~ Friday ~ August 18

Gurjinder Basran

Gurjinder Basran
Photo: Karoline Tu

There is more than one way to introduce oneself to the world. Gurjinder Basran did it in spectacular fashion in 2010 by writing a novel called Everything Was Good-Bye. It concerns, in part, the cultural duality within which Indo-Canadian girls and women live. It won the Search for the Great BC Novel and the Ethel Wilson Fiction Award. Gurjinder was named by the CBC as one of the ten Canadian women writers you need to read and her name appeared on a variety of “one to watch” lists. She also appeared here as one of our first New Voices.

She is by no means resting on those seriously impressive laurels. Her second novel, Someone You Love Is Gone, will be hitting bookstores in August, and advance word has it that this one will confirm Gurjinder Basran as one of Canada’s fastest rising literary stars.