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8:00 pm ~ Thursday ~ August 17 SOLD OUT

Donna Morrissey

Donna Morrissey

Donna Morrissey’s unconventional route to literary stardom began when she left her small Newfoundland outport home at 16 and included everything from bartending, cooking in oil rig camps and gutting fish to getting a degree and starting a career in social work to being life-alteringly misdiagnosed with a terminal illness. She started writing in her late 30s and the first of her six novels, Kit’s Law, was an immediate critical and commercial success. Downhill Chance, Sylvanus Now, What They Wanted and The Deception of Livvy Higgs, all set in the coastal Newfoundland communities where she was born and raised, were all national and international bestsellers and award-winners.

Her latest, The Fortunate Brother, is the third to concern the Now family. This one, however, is a flat out speed reader of a murder mystery, a genre for which she clearly has a natural affinity.

Donna Morrissey is one of a kind and one of Canadian literature’s most distinctive voices.