Meet the Writers


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7:00 pm ~ Saturday ~ August 19

Anosh Irani

Anosh Irani
Photo: Glen-D’Mello

Award-winning playwright and novelist Anosh Irani last wowed our audience in 2005, 13 Festivals ago. At that time he read from his brilliant debut novel, The Cripple and His Talismans, a complex, multi-layered fable that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. That national bestseller was followed by The Song of Kahunsha, a multiple prize-winner and international bestseller set in 1993 Bombay (officially known since 1995 as Mumbai). Mumbai is again the locale for Dahanu Road, a nominee for the Man Asian Literary Prize. His latest novel, The Parcel, is set in Mumbai’s notorious red light district and concerns the lives of transgender sex workers. The titular “parcel” is a 10-year-old trafficked Nepalese girl forced into the Mumbai sex trade. In a lighter vein, his latest play, The Men in White, is about cricket, a sport at which India excels internationally.

Anosh Irani continues to be one of our most inventive writers.

An interview with Anosh Irani