to the 35th annual Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts

Please consider this your written invitation to join the festivities August 17-20. No need to RSVP; just purchase your tickets and turn up.

Welcome to the 2016 Festival

Back in 1983 this all-Canadian writers festival was the only one of its kind. No other literary festival in the country followed a mandate to present and promote Canadian writers exclusively. Now, 35 years later, there are dozens of Canadian and international writers festivals scattered throughout the country and we’re still here and still true to our original mandate. Our success has everything to do with the support of this community and the dedication of our audience. Without you we could not possibly have survived this long. We cannot overstate the importance of that unwavering loyalty.

A milestone is as much a starting point as it is a destination; a marker from which to look both behind and ahead. Our lineup of authors this year is very much representative of the present and the future of Canadian literature. These writers are brimming with new ideas, new visions and a diversity of perspectives on what it means to be both Canadian and global citizens. We are proud to have reached another significant milestone and our producer, our board of directors and our volunteers are already looking to the next one.

This Festival is an opportunity to reflect on Canada’s 150 years and who we are as a country as we celebrate our 35th year of facilitating an annual gathering of those who love to write and those who love to read.

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