Writers confirmed for 2015:

Ann-Marie MacDonald

She is a multi-award-winning author, Genie Award-nominated actor, Governor General's Award-winning playwright and Gemini Award-winning broadcaster. Her novels sell in the millions worldwide. Her latest is Adult Onset, a pseudo-autobiographical novel that, once again, has critics and readers raving.

Alison Pick

She is the author of two novels and two books of poetry. Her first novel, Far to Go was nominated for the Man Booker Prize and was a widely-acclaimed international bestseller. Her latest book, Between Gods, is a rivetingly readable memoir that rewards readers with intimate access to the author's struggle to reclaim her religious and cultural identity.

Carrie Snyder

She is the author of two volumes of short stories, the second of which, The Juliet Stories was shortlisted for the Governor General's Literary Award. Her new novel, Girl Runner, spans some 85 years and concerns a former Olympic athlete. This breakout novel will elevate Snyder to the top echelon of Canadian writers.

Priscila Uppal

"Canada's coolest poet" has written ten books of poetry, two novels, and Projection: Encounters with My Runaway Mother, a memoir and the most bizarre and compelling true story of a mother and daughter relationship imaginable. Her latest, a collection of stories entitled Cover Before Striking, will be published in the spring.