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New Voices

We call them new voices only because they are newly published authors. But, prior to actually sitting down to write, this year’s two participants have been speaking loudly and clearly about the issues that concern them for many years. Their voices have already been heard.

Carol Daniels

Carol Daniels was the first Aboriginal woman to anchor a national newscast in Canada. The multi-talented television journalist, writer, singer, actor, musician and storyteller lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and is a member of the Cree First Nation. Her first novel, Bearskin Diary, concerns the so-called “Sixties Scoop” when between 1960 and 1980 more than 20,000 aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their families by provincial governments. It is a compelling fictionalized account of one more shameful period of Canadian history for which the Saskatchewan government has only now apologized.

The Malahat Review: Review of Bearskin Diary by Carol Daniels:
Common Ground Article on Bearskin Diary by Carol Daniels:
Karim Alrawi

Karim Alrawi has been around. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, has lived in Britain, the US and Canada. He has written plays in both English and Arabic. His social activism, human rights advocacy and run-in with the Egyptian state censor landed him in one of Egypt’s most notorious detention and torture centres. In 2011 he returned to Egypt to join the uprising against the Mubarek dictatorship. That was the year of the Arab Spring and the context for his first novel, Book of Sands, set amid the chaos of rebellion against Egypt’s brutal totalitarian regime.

The Toronto Star Review of Book of Sands:
Guernica Magazine Interview with Karim Alrawi about Book of Sands:

The New Voices event will be hosted by author and CBC Radio host Grant Lawrence.

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